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“Make sure to buy her book! It changed my life for the better and now I know that if a man leaves me it is his lost and I will meet someone special that’ll give me the love that I deserve!”

“I’d recommend this book to anyone in love now, or to anyone who has lost love but is ready to recover.”

“Stop what you’re doing! Go buy it! Run, don’t walk!”

“I think the one thing I loved most about this book is that you can feel like Debra knows what you’re going through, how you feel and even adds just the right amount of humor so you can find yourself smiling again.”

“I wish I had this book when I was younger and going through relationships and breakups. It would have been a wonderful tool and a great help to get through those moments of thinking I wasn’t good enough or that there was something wrong with...

“If you or know of anyone going through a breakup this is a excellent book to help you through it. It is full of many “helps” and good pointers.”

“You will feel like you are talking to a good friend who is cheering you on as you are reading.”

“This is a great self-help book that isn’t just telling you tired old advice that you don’t need. It’s modern, it’s fun, and it really includes some awesome advice. It’s fresh, it’s relevant and it’s worth picking up!...

“I found this book to be entertaining and the advice to be sound advice. It’s the perfect book for any woman going through a break-up.”

“Debra Rogers wrote a must read for anyone going through a break up, or has gone through one or a women who just wants to become a better, more powerful person. This is one of the best “self help” books I’ve ever read, Ms. Rogers, I applaud...