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He Did You a Favor – The Book

$14.99 – Paperback
$7.99 – Ebook


978-0-9910635-1-2 – Digital Copies
978-0-9910635-0-5 – Printed Copies


Some guy has taken a giant sledgehammer to your heart and you have to clean up the mess. You hurt, big-time. You feel alone, scraping for answers in the bottom of your third tub of “Chocolate Therapy” ice cream. You think you’ll never find anyone as good as he was, e-ver.

But what if… he did you a favor?

He Did You a Favor is an empowering, humorous, hands-on guide with straight talk and advice to help you break away from Mr. So Very Wrong and break through to the life you desire.  You’ll also discover:

  • How to use your breakup as fuel to step into the life you’re really meant to live.
  • How to conquer your fears, get back out there, and kick some serious butt in the world.
  • Secrets to creating an even better you and attracting a better man.

Filled with true stories from her own experience and that of other women, He Did You a Favor is helpful, hopeful, and healing.

Workbook exercises include: The “He Sucks, You Don’t” Workout, “Clean out Your Mental Closet,” “Your Emotional Cleanse,” “Date Right for Your Type,” “How to Shop for a Man,” and more!


Debra Rogers has worked as a script analyst, development associate for film and television, and writing coach for numerous motion picture and television writers. In her successful voiceover career, she gave voice to powerful women, from “Streetfighter” to “Xena: Warrior Princess.” Debra lives in the Los Angeles area with her amazing daughter and has finally found true love.




Named as one of IndieReader’s Best Books of 2014!